Discover Walker Awnings with their latest innovations for 2024

Introducing Walker Awnings

Walker Awnings has become a pioneering name in the world of caravan awnings, sun canopies and porches. Renowned for creating advanced and affordable luxury awnings they have consistently set the benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry. Walker has been developing the highest quality awnings on the market for several decades and have become famous for awning style and durability. As such, Walker is now the go-to choice for many outdoor enthusiasts and campers. Unwavering in their mission for superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, Walker Awnings continue to redefine outdoor comfort and convenience. As they unveil their latest 2024 collection, let’s take a look at the exciting features and improvements that await the avid caravan community.

New additions to the 2024 collection

Pioneer 240 all-season awning

This Pioneer 240 All Season awning has been developed by Walker for over 18 years but many are not aware that it is engineered with some of the toughest materials and state-of-the-art technology available today. Modern, high-performance materials developed by TenCate, who make specialised materials for a wide range of professionals in firefighting, the military, emergency response, energy, light and heavy industry, oil and gas. So, this all-season awning delivers optimum protection against the elements. 

The Pioneer 240 All Season has been given a new colour scheme for 2024 and will continue to perform for longer periods of caravanning as well as short breaks. By simply removing the front & side panels, the Pioneer All Season can also be used as a sun canopy. The front panels are interchangeable, therefore enabling you to choose between 2 positions for the door: the Walker Easy-Door concept. A 28mm alloy Easy-PowerGrip frame or a fibreglass version are optional extras.

The versatile design ensures adaptability in various weather conditions, making this high-performance awning an essential companion for anyone’s outdoor adventure, whether it’s the scorching heat of summer or a cold and chilly winter.

Dynamic 250

Dynamic 250 awning

The Dynamic 250 awning is a completely new model for 2024 and testament to Walker’s commitment for combining functionality with contemporary design. The 250cm deep, modern and innovative design, with fresh anthracite/champagne and middle-grey colours, combine to create an awning that sets the pace for enduring style. The Dynamic 250 awning is also blessed with heavy-duty TenCate materials for true all-season walls and roof. Featuring a sleek and modern aesthetic, the Dynamic 250 awning provides ample space and comfort for outdoor gatherings, ensuring campers can enjoy their time close to nature without compromising on style, comfort or convenience. The Dynamic 25 is available with a choice of either a steel MAX or glasfibre MAX frame.

Sun canopy

As an option, all panels of the Dynamic 250 are removable for easy assembly and also means that the roof can be used as a sun canopy. There is also the optional Patio front sun canopy or the Castel front sun canopy. The Patio front sun canopy is designed specifically for caravanners who have their awning on a seasonal pitch. The heavy-duty steel frame, with additional roof bars, make this sun canopy extremely strong. All sleeves for the poles are fitted with zips. The Patio is supplied with two zip-out side panels plus a window as standard. Easy-PowerGrips, storm straps and curtains for the sidewalls are optional at extra cost. The Castel front sun canopy is specially designed to provide additional shade to relax when sitting in front of the awning. With the optional Castel Plus package, you can put it on the caravan directly.

Dynamic with annexe

Dynamic 250 Annexe De Luxe

The Dynamic 250 Annexe De Luxe comes with a door and fly screen panel. Like all Walker annexes it has an extra zip, so that the side panel can be used as a partition wall. It can be placed left or right. Ground: 215 x 140 cm. Weight: 15 kg. Optional: inner tent available. Ground: 200 x 140 cm.

Scandic 300

Scandic 300 awning

With its emphasis on spaciousness and ease of use, the Scandic 300 caters to the needs of larger groups and families. At 300 cm deep, the Scandic 300 awning accommodates various activities, from al fresco dining to lounging. This awning guarantees a memorable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Manufactured with impressive TenCate materials, durability and print design combine to produce an awning that sets the pace for lasting style. All panels of the Scandic 300 are removable for easy assembly so that the roof alone can be used as a sun canopy. This model is available with the choice of a steel MAX or glass fibre MAX frame.

Scandic 300_front

Again, you’ll find the optional Patio front suncanopy or the Castel front suncanopy, ideal for a seasonal pitch. Plus, similar to the Dynamic 250 awning, the Scandic 300 has been designed to accommodate an Annexe De Luxe.

Active Air sun canopy

The Walker Active is your quick-to-erect air sun canopy!

With one inflation point, the Walker Active sun canopy has a depth of 240 cm; the front air bow is connected with the middle roof tube, and both sidewalls can be zipped out.

The Active Air sun canopy is supplied with an air pump and 2 steel upright steel poles to push the sidewalls against the caravan.

For caravans with a height between 235 – 255 cm.

Available in 4 widths:

• 290 cm (also fits Knaus Sport & Fun, Hobby BEACHY 360/420/450 and Carpento 410 caravans)

• 330 cm (also fits Hobby BEACHY 450 caravans)

• 400 cm

• 500 cm

Active_400_with side walls

The Active Air sun canopy embodies the essence of versatility and mobility. Ideal for campers who prioritise flexibility and easy set-up, the Active Air sun canopy boasts a lightweight structure without compromising durability. Its user-friendly design ensures quick installation, enabling campers to maximise their time outdoors without hassle.

2024 discontinuation of previous models

While introducing the latest additions to its collection, Walker Awnings has also announced discontinuing two of its previous models, the Fusion 11 and the Allure 280. Despite their past popularity, Walker’s decision to retire these models is a strategic move emphasising their dedication to advancing and refining their product line, ensuring that customers have access to the most cutting-edge and efficient awnings available.


As Walker Awnings continues redefining outdoor comfort and convenience, its 2024 collection is testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With a focus on durability, versatility, and contemporary design, their latest awnings are set to elevate the outdoor experience for campers and nature enthusiasts alike. Explore these new models and discover the perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure.