Should I buy a new or used caravan or motorhome awning?

What are the risks when buying a second-hand Caravan or Motorhome Awning?

There are many risks attached to buying a second-hand Caravan or Motorhome Awning, especially if you’re unsure what to look for. Obtaining a good deal and getting the right product for you can be fraught with potential problems, especially if you’re buying privately from a source you don’t know.


Will it fit correctly?

Most new caravan or motorhome owners will consult their handbooks to determine what size awning they need for their vehicle. In practice, especially when buying second-hand, this is often not 100% accurate and cannot be relied upon if you’re unsure what the awning you’re purchasing has been exposed to.

Also, suppose it’s a porch awning. In that case, you’ll need to check the distance from the vehicle door to all nearby windows or vents, which your awning could potentially obstruct, causing various hazards and safety issues.

You’ll need to check the condition of a used awning.

When buying a second-hand awning, you must ensure that you see it erected to examine the canvas in detail for any possible damage. A good tip is to use your nose and check for that musty smell which means there’s mould lurking somewhere. If you encounter it, you’ll probably find that the panels are also discoloured. You should also check thoroughly for stains from foliage and bird droppings too. If you experience any of these signs, it will almost certainly mean that the awning has not been looked after and should not be bought.


An obvious thing to check, which can often be very difficult to do, is whether the used awning is weatherproof and waterproof. This can be especially hard to check as the only way you can be sure is to erect the awning fully, check the edges are undamaged and spray water on it with a hosepipe. Any waterproof guarantee you can obtain from a private seller may be difficult to enforce, especially if the seller lives far from you or you’re buying off the internet.

Will you still be able to obtain spare parts?

When buying second-hand awnings, an often overlooked but very important factor is checking whether the awning manufacturer is still in business. If they aren’t, you’ll have no end of problems if you ever need any spares or alterations.

Advantages to buying a new awning as opposed to second-hand.

Buying a new awning through an experienced dealer like Davan can make all the difference to your awning enjoyment. Although you might be paying a bit more when buying new, buying through Davan will ensure you obtain an excellent quality awning at the right price. You can also rest assured that all the awning spare parts, canvas panels, frames, and fixings are available.

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You will always be better protected when you buy a new awning through Davan.

The main advantage of buying through a dealer like Davan is having significant purchase protection and after-sales support.


Our top-quality manufacturers provide industry-leading guarantees and warranties for absolute peace of mind.


Our experienced awning sales team are experts in every type of caravan awning, motorhome awning and campervan awning. They will happily assist you with any awning questions you may have.


As a result of our many decades in the business, we know a thing or two about caravan and motorhome awnings. You can be sure that we will always stock the best products for any budget.


Our awning team will provide expert advice on choosing the right awning for you. If you’re having any issues selecting the correct awning size or model, call us on 01934 524240 or contact us here!



When you buy through Davan, you get the service, protection and purchase confirmation for long and continual peace of mind.

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