Are you ready for Winter?

It’s time to get ready for Winter. Nights are rapidly drawing in, Christmas is nearly upon us, high street sales are just about over, and, on the horizon, Winter beckons. For the Davan team it acts as a reminder to inform our valued customers that they need to get prepared. Winter readiness will always result in happier, safer explorations at this time of year and it will also carry their vehicles safely through a potentially damaging few months.

Many customer vehicles will now begin their annual winter hibernation. Some customers may even be starting to plan getaways in the Spring. However, before we start thinking of resting-up for Winter or go gallivanting across the country early next year, customers should ensure that their ‘kit’ is still up to scratch or will at least survive the big freeze.

Woman with a cup sitting in the front seat of a camper van
Woman with a cup of coffee sitting in the front seat of a camper van

One of the first things to deteriorate during Winter are batteries. With many vehicles being rarely used or entirely rested-up, old and worn-out batteries are one of the first casualties of Winter. Davan stock a wide range of caravan and motorhome batteries, both standard and heavy-duty, plus a great range of leisure batteries to choose from. Call the Davan Shop on 01934 524245 and we’ll tell you about the great batteries we have in-stock.

You should also think about giving your vehicle a really good clean at this time of year. All those forgotten spillages and food crumbs lurking in out-of-sight crevices around your vehicle. If left over Winter they’ll just become mouldy and smelly. Something that can easily be avoided. Check out the range of cleaning products available in our online shop. We also have a great selection of moisture protection products, liners, protectors and covers.

Woman cleaning kitchen of a camper van with a cloth
Young woman cleaning kitchen of a camper van with a cloth

Caravan owners may also like to invest in a high-quality caravan cover such as the Maypole Caravan Cover –

This cover is made from breathable, heavy duty, non-woven polypropylene 4 ply material, that allows any trapped moisture to evaporate. It is highly water resistant and also provides high UV protection. It is easy to fit and protects against frost and snow, smog & dust, rain and wind. You’ll also protect your caravan from bird droppings and fallen leaves that carry their own dirt and moisture.

Motorhome at ski resort of Sierra Nevada
Spain, Andalusia, Granada. Motorhome at ski resort of Sierra Nevada in winter, full of snow. Travel and sports concepts.

For those customers that continue to use their vehicles all season long, even in colder climates, Davan also stock some great portable heaters. These compact and powerful heaters are designed exclusively for indoor use and provide exceptional warmth and comfort during chilly adventures. With advanced safety features and easy-to-use controls, they are the perfect Winter addition to your caravan accessories.

Woman drinking coffee sitting at the door of a campervan
Woman drinking coffee sitting at the door of a camper van

Getting ready for Winter, may also be an opportunity to refresh your cassette toilet system with a Thetford Fresh-up Kit. It includes a range of components that are simple to install and use, with clear instructions to ensure your cassette toilet functions at its best. The kit featuring a brand-new seat and seat cover, a robust, high-capacity, new cassette, plus a bottle of high-performance toilet bowl cleaner, specially formulated to break down waste and eliminate unpleasant odours. this cleaner is gentle on your toilet system while ensuring optimal hygiene and freshness.

Yes, it’s extremely important for caravan and motorhome owners to be ready Winter and ensure that their vehicles are still habitable and roadworthy for the following Spring. However, Winter is also a great time to buy accessory bargains. For caravans and motorhomes that are being stored for Winter, or tucked away, out-of-sight and under cover, there will no doubt be some items that are now a bit worn and need replacing. All those essential must-haves that are needed to enjoy the new 2024 caravanning season. You’ll find all the products and accessories you’re likely to need in our online shop with the availability of free delivery for orders over £175 or the option for click-and-collect. The Davan Shop also many bargains and end-of-line clearance products in the Shop Clearance section: