Showing the new 2020 Ventura Cadet W260 Awning

2020 Ventura Cadet - Showroom

The Ventura Cadet awning is a small porch awnings which fit almost all caravans, with a removable front panel and mosquito net window in one side. We have put up the 2020 Cadet W260 in our showroom as you have seen from our photo. It’s an excellent little awning that gives you a lot of extra space without the fuss of larger awnings.

2020 Ventura Cadet W260 caravan awning

A Ventura Cadet W260 is easy to put up (it is more manageable than larger awnings), due to its size and lightweight fibreglass frame.

Supplied as standard with: Screw-free FixOn fittings, Luxor Grey curtains, draught skirt, standard wheel arch cover, awning and pole bag, peg bag.

Price: £804


Ground: 260 x 200 cm
Weight: 21.2 kg

Special details: Front panel can be folded down or removed. ­Mosquito net window in one side with zipped external foil cover.

Fits: Caravan heights between 235 and 250 cm

Distance between roof poles: 226 cm