Kampa Dometic awnings FAQ

These were previously called Kampa awnings but were bought by Dometic about 18 months or so ago which is why there has been a name change but still with quality service. And are available in Seasonal or touring (as with all awnings this will depend on the material) They do caravan awnings as well as motorhome awnings.

The Kampa Dometic range is Single inflation meaning that the awning can be inflated from a single point, therefore the whole porch awning will inflate in one go.

All Kampa Dometic air awnings have locking valves where each tube connects to another tube. So, if a tube fails or is damaged it can be isolated easily at either end and the rest of the awning should remain inflated.

All the faulty/damaged tube can be replaced easily by yourself, and purchased through a Kampa Dometic dealer.

No Kampa Dometic don’t do a full-size awning only porches, but there arrange of accessories available to make your awning larger if required.

  • Make sure your motorhome is on level ground.
  • If you have a canopy fitted to your van (this is normally a Fiamma or Thule canopy) Make sure this is in the closed position.
  • With a tape measure, measure from the top channel on the front of the canopy (If you have a Fiamma Awning) and if you have a Thule canopy measure from bottom of the canopy again with the canopy in the closed position. To the floor this will then give you the height of awning you require.