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Milenco is best known for high quality products that specialise in safety, security, access and comfort products.

Milenco is one of the worlds’ best producers of Wheelclamps in the world. They have achieved this great reputation through quality engineering innovations and comprehensive research and development.

Being the largest and most successful producer of Towing Mirrors in the world, Davan have decided to provide the Aero range of Mirrors online and in store. Available online are the following mirrors:

Virtually every Milenco product tested by Caravan magazines have been awarded a Best Buy commendation. In fact the Milenco Wheelclamp has been undefeated in every demanding attack test performed by Practical Caravan since 1999.

As the proud owner of a Caravan or Motorhome you also need to do all you can to secure and protect your vehicle. That’s where Milenco really comes in. Our security products have consistently out-performed all others. We are the only manufacture of Hitchlocks that has been awarded every approval possible, including Sold Secure, TNO, KIWA, SCM, SKG-IKOB, SBSC and SSF.

You can be sure that every new product that Milenco bring to the market will be superior and offer real benefits.

If you have questions on any Milenco products please call the sales staff on the number here: