2024 is the year for exciting new brands at Davan

Vehicle Awnings

Davan partner Outwell® and Quest to create more choice for customers.

Providing excellent value and responding to customer needs is something that Davan have always taken very seriously. Subsequently, we are always looking out for growing suppliers or new entrants to the market that can complement the excellent range of products and services we provide or could potentially fill any gap we may have identified.

For the coming season, we will be introducing two exciting new awning and accessory brands into our offering. We are very proud to now partner with Outwell® and Quest, which will give our valued customers access to two terrific and different product ranges.

Outwell Logo

Introducing Outwell® awnings and accessories..

Outwell® provide a vast range of campervan and motorhome awnings and camping accessories that truly incorporate innovation. Over the last 20 years and more, Outwell® have delivered outstanding design and technology innovations that have transformed families’ camping experiences which has been recognised by their many prestigious product awards.

Outwell Accessories

Outwell® award-winning and innovative achievements.

With a constant focus on their core values – quality, functionality, innovation and design, Outwell® have established a very clear brand identity in being recognised among the leading, premium, award-winning brands in the family camping market. Their long track record in creating imaginative and innovative designs for practical comfort and sheer style is unrivalled, resulting in unparalleled achievements. Their steadfast mission of delivering quality, excellence and attention to detail remain at the very heart of their business and are inspiring many more families to access and enjoy life outdoors.


Quest Awnings, Camping Furniture and Accessories.

Quest combine technology and performance to produce high-quality air awnings.

Quest are gaining a great reputation for harnessing technology to provide a full range of air awnings for caravans, campervans and motorhomes that have built-in ease-of-use and performance at four different levels. These luxurious air awnings are made in Germany and feature European TenCate and Mehler AirTex fabrics or high-end cotton-touch all-season awnings with year-round performance.

Alternatively, customers can opt for their range of ‘premium’ lightweight awnings that incorporate modern HydroTech RipStop fabric which delivers excellent performance for a much lighter weight. Quest also provides high-performance, lightweight awnings that use HydroDore SL fabrics for an even lighter weight and ease-of-use.

Outwell Awnings

Quest premium poled awnings with built-in performance and ease-of-use.

With Quest premium poled awnings you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

These are more traditional framed awnings that incorporate modern fabric to create a range of premium poled porch awnings for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, or indeed any vehicles between 235 – 250cm in height.

Outwell Furniture

Quest Falcon range of lightweight air awnings are so simple to use and include additional features.

This Quest Falcon air awnings range are lighter in weight, making them so quick and easy to erect. They’ve been specifically designed by Quest to be lightweight and provide customers with a great value air awning. Their lighter weight nature and the simplicity of the Falcon Air Tech (FAT) system is what makes this range so popular because they are so much easier to use. So much so that these air awnings are simple enough to be erected by one person and therefore receive Quest’s single-person pitch icon.

The unique Falcon Air Tech (FAT) system makes each awning inflatable with as few air tubes as possible. This also helps keep their weight down and also makes them much easier to pitch. The Falcon Air Tech system features simple design coupled with proven technology that help make Quest Falcon air awnings that much easier to use and also much more reliable.

The Quest range of porch air awnings and drive-away awnings has many convenient features.

The range features a number of various sized porch awnings plus drive-away awnings that come in two heights to give customers all the choice they’ll need. Every Quest Falcon air awning is constructed using modern Quest Tec150 lightweight fabric, with properties that make them easy to roll-up and pack-down to a small size, making them really convenient to carry and store after use. This lightweight fabric also dries really quickly and is also very easy to clean, making this range easier to maintain and use throughout the season.

Quest lightweight poled awnings are amazing value, with great features

The range of Quest lightweight poled awnings are designed to be easier to use and provide great value. The Quest Falcon lightweight poled awning range represents an excellent starter awning or they can also be added to a heavier full awning or porch. The range incorporates different widths of porch awning and two different heights of drive-away awnings.

Quest camping furniture provides more comfort for maximum relaxation

When you’re outdoors, your camping furniture is more important than you think. Great furniture can add so much additional comfort to your outdoor experience. Quest camping furniture and accessories will add a significant amount of added comfort to your trip. All are designed to save travelling weight, be easy to carry, save space and provide various options to vastly improve your outdoor time.

Trust Davan to only partner solid suppliers

Davan have always looked to partner brands that have been built on solid foundations, backed by excellent customer service. Brands such as Outwell® and Quest, that mean what they say and are consequently enjoying tremendous success in a demanding marketplace. Davan’s discerning customers have always understood that we will never compromise in delivering the very best products and this philosophy has built and sustained our brand loyalty.