Davan are supporting the “Every Child Needs Christmas” campaign in Weston-super-Mare

As part of the Weston-super-Mare business community, Davan are happy to support the “Every Child Needs Christmas” campaign to provide Christmas gifts for children who are less fortunate within our local community. ‘ECNC’ is a truly beautiful campaign that brings people together within the Weston-super-Mare community to help those less fortunate than themselves.

In the true spirit of Christmas; EVERY child should have a Christmas, regardless of circumstance and we can ALL play a part in making this happen. The “Every Child Needs Christmas” campaign started life as a small idea that sprung from a cuppa and a slab of cake between friends 10 years ago, just two weeks before Christmas, yet reached 800 children initially back then. It has now grown to the height of 15,000 donations per year and strives to reach as many children as possible. YOU can help them do this every year. It’s the community that make it run.

The campaign never sets a target because things are hard for most people in the current economic climate. However, EVERY SINGLE DONATION REACHES A LOCAL CHILD, straight to the heart of where it is needed the most. Over the last 9 years “Every Child Needs Christmas” has worked with many charities and projects in BS postcodes and each and every year the demand is greater. Economically speaking, it’s getting tougher each year on the purchasing side. We hear you. There are plenty of other ways you can get involved if you are unable to donate a physical gift. Follow the campaign work this year to find out how!

So – how does it work?

“Every Child Needs Christmas” works with many organisations within the BS postcode serviceable areas and the difference that your donations and time make to the families are invaluable. A Google Map is available where drop-off points are detailed. You simply buy a NEW, SEALED and NON-EDIBLE gift, between £5 and £7 as a marker, which is suitable for any age child between 0-16 and drop to one of those points detailed on the map. The link can be found below:


The gifts make their way to the “Every Child Needs Christmas” in Weston super Mare at the end of the campaign, where they are age sorted and distributed. “Every Child Needs Christmas” works with schools, colleges, clubs, places of worship, charities, social care teams, children’s centres: in fact- ANY organisation that supports families in ANY way. “Every Child Needs Christmas” will ensure that the gifts get to the heart of the families that need them the most.

The closing date for the 2023 year campaign is 7th December 2023. Please note; the Amazon gift list will close on the 4th December 2023. Gifts can be purchased from ANYWHERE as long as they are around the £5- £7 mark, NEW, SEALED and NON-EDIBLE and UNWRAPPED. The age ranges are:

Under 1







“Every Child Needs Christmas” regularly post suggestions if you are ever stuck for ideas. Alternatively, you can order from their Amazon gift list and the gifts get sent directly to them, so you don’t even need to leave your house! Amazon ensures that you can donate, even if you haven’t time or the facility to get to a physical drop off point.


There are LOTS of ways that you can get involved:

DONATE! Via the Amazon wish list or take it to one of the drop-off points.



SHARE, like and keep up to date with the campaign page to push the information to as many people as possible via social media.


TALK about the campaign with everyone you know! Spread the word.

ENCOURAGE your family, your friends your colleagues to all get involved.

PLACE OF WORK – do you work somewhere that can assist the campaign? Set up a gift collection, display posters, access a small community fund to purchase gifts, access to community time outside of the workplace that can allot time?

DROP TO ORGANISATIONS – can you help with drop-offs within BS postcodes in your vehicle?

LEAFLET DROP – can you pick up some leaflets to drop in your area?

GET YOUR SCHOOLS/KIDS CLUBS involved. Do you feel able to head up the campaign in your own school and organise a collection of gifts? “Every Child Needs Christmas” provide posters, flyers, information and literature.

DISPLAY posters in houses, cars, work, doctors, health centres etc.

DO YOU DO A SECRET SANTA? This is a GREAT alternative and a beautiful way to help your local community too! Ask “Every Child Needs Christmas” how.

Any questions: just ask! “Every Child Needs Christmas” are a very small team with plenty of kids and self employment roles – so do bear that in mind. They will always respond to each and every one of your enquiries: sometimes it just won’t be instant. “Every Child Needs Christmas” are fabulously passionate about this campaign and we know a lot of you are too. Lets make 2023 INCREDIBLE.