Davan Donate £373 to the charity Action for Children

Why we chose this hard working, deserving charity

Action for Children were chosen by Davan as our Christmas 2021 charity and with the help of our customers, raised £373 for this worthy cause that is devoted to protecting and supporting children and young people by providing practical and emotional care and support. Action for Children has helped 604,885 children and their families in the 2020/21 year alone. Any money raised for the charity is used to provide lasting, stable support and helps run vital services for children and young people that local authorities can’t fund.

The support from Action for Children is felt throughout the UK, through 512 services in communities, schools and online. Action for Children is also a not-for-profit organisation, which means there are no shareholders or investors, so any profit made goes straight back into the services and support they provide.

How Davan customers helped to raise this amount

Many Davan customers know that we have a monthly online discount offer called “Davan15”, providing a 15% customer saving on selected products every month. During December 2021 and January 2022, we also ran our first “Davan Donate Month”, donating 5% of all our online shop accessory sales to this remarkable charity. After the end date of January 15th 2022, Davan had amassed £373 to donate.

Your support is much-appreciated

We knew our customers would be right behind us in supporting this very deserving children’s charity, especially throughout Christmas and the new year. Action for Children, help so many children overcome abuse, neglect, poverty and poor mental health each and every day and so, by helping us raise this money, you have contributed to bringing food, warmth, love and care to so many vulnerable children.

Davan staff hand over their donation to Action for children
Davan staff hand over their donation to Action for children.

Davan visited Action for Children to present the donation

Having seen our customers help us raise such a brilliant sum it was right and proper that we visited them in person to present our donation. Brandon and Stuart from Davan Caravans Ltd visited Action for Children’s ‘Our Place’ residential service, where their wonderful team care for three children with disabilities and help them to build their independence skills.

You can always provide a donation directly to Action for Children on their website  https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk