Davan Donate £852.34 to the Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Why Davan chose to support this well-deserving charity

The Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (SNICU) at Musgrove Prak Hospital, Taunton, was selected as Davan’s 2022 charity after our Accessory Shop manager, Stuart McGarry and his wife Jo were in desperate need of them after Jo gave birth to their baby Louisa prematurely in 2022. Baby Louisa required weeks of specialist care that only the team at SNICU could provide in order for her to eventually pull through and a journey home in total health.

Davan Caravans donate to Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Davan Caravans donate to Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The valuable work of The Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

SNICU is located in the maternity unit of Musgrove Park hospital in Taunton and is a specialised ward for premature and sick newborn babies. The unit has 18 cots in total, which are divided over two areas – one for intensive care and one for special care. If you’re a Somerset resident and have a sick or preterm baby, your care will be looked after by this team of experienced nurses and doctors at Musgrove Park.

The team within the unit consists of nurses and nurse practitioners, supported by a consultant senior doctor, junior doctors and sometimes specialist surgeons. Depending on the individual baby’s needs, physiotherapists, radiographers, pharmacists, and dieticians may also provide professional care.

The support provided by SNICU for families that desperately need it.

The team ensures that the highest standard of Neonatal Care services is centred on the infant but that they’re also delivered in partnership with parents and families. The SNICU team recognise that neonatal babies’ parents will probably feel overwhelmed and anxious at this challenging time and therefore do everything to minimise the stress for them and their baby.

At such a challenging and anxious time for parents, the SNICU can provide accommodation or overnight beds at the baby’s cot side, so that parents feel part of their child’s support and they are supported as much as possible by the team. There is also a Day Nursery for siblings, providing occasional play sessions and a parent support group to provide emotional well-being and support at such a worrying time.

How Davan customers helped to raise £852.34

Every December, Davan promote its “Donate Month”, where we donate 5% of all Online Accessory Shop sales to a deserving charity of our choosing. This December, the charity was very close to our hearts and that of our Accessory Shop Manager, Stuart McGarry and his wife, Jo. Consequently, we saw our many loyal customers really get behind this deserving cause, and with Stuart and Jo working extra hard to get online sales, we finally amassed a figure of £852.34 as our donation. Well over double that of last year’s figure.

Davan visited the SNICU to present the donation

After Davan’s online shop customers had made such a valiant effort to raise this fantastic sum, it was only right and proper that our Accessory Shop Manager Stuart, his wife Jo and their baby Louisa visited them in person to present Davan’s donation. Along with the entire team at Davan, Stuart and Jo would like to say “Well Done” and also convey their personal thanks to everyone that helped contribute to this remarkable amount.

Debbie (far left) and Beth (far right) of Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit received the donation from Stuart and Jo McGarry of Davan Caravans and Motorhomes.