Electric Life Electric Folding Bikes and Scooters

Electric Life Flo Electric Folding Bike

With its folding frame and weighing in at only 19.9kg, the Electric Life Flo electric folding bike is designed to be stored away in small areas, making it a perfect accessory for caravan and motorhome owners where space is a premium. With its folding handlebar stem and folding pedals, it is so easy to pack away and transport. It’s even become an award winner – receiving the 2021 IF Design Award.

The Electric Life Flo folding e-bike is designed to perform at speeds up to 15.5mph and can happily achieve a range of 38 miles maximum with a speedy recharge time of just 4 hours. It comes with a very convenient LED, handlebar-mounted display, that keeps riders constantly informed with important data such as current battery charge, speed, and the number of miles travelled.

All Li-Fe Flo e-bikes are fitted with a Li-Fe comfort saddle together with black comfort grips to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride on every journey. Constructed with an eye-catching die-cast magnesium alloy frame and solid alloy magnesium wheels, the Li-Fe Flo electric bike is perfect for taking on both smooth and rough journeys. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the built-in front and rear mudguards will also keep riders clean over muddy terrains.

Currently available in 4 colours; Black & Silver, Black & Blue, Black & Green or Grey, Davan will be able to provide the perfect Electric Life Flo folding e-bike for you.

  • Award-winning e-bike – winning the IF Design Award 2021
  • Maximum range – 38 miles / 60km
  • Recharge time – 4 hours
  • Motor and Battery – Brushless rear hub motor with 250Wh integrated battery
  • Frame and fork – Stylish die-cast magnesium alloy frame with a rigid fork
  • Gearing – 1×6 speed Shimano gearing with thumb shifter
  • Braking – Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors
  • Other – Stylish alloy mag wheels

Electric Life Force Electric Folding Bike

Through innovative research and development, Electric Life electric folding bikes have evolved to offer the exciting Force electric folding bike, that not only looks absolutely amazing but also outperforms other e-bikes on the market that are double the price! Constructed around an ultra-modern Magnesium Alloy frame, the Electric Life Force integrates a high-quality 36V 7.8Ah battery inside the front framework so that it is not only protected from the elements but is hidden from sight to allow sleek, flowing lines that are sure to turn heads. 

Charging the Electric Life Force e-bike is an absolute doddle. You can choose whether to plug the bike in directly, or simply remove the lockable battery to charge it separately inside your home.  To recharge the battery takes about 5 hours max but you can always just top-up the battery charge whenever you need it, very much like most of us do with our mobile phones.

Built into the eye-catching alloy MAG wheels is a beautifully smooth but very powerful 250W rear hub motor that is powered by the integrated battery. This powerful motor incorporates three different power-assisted modes which will assist riders right up to 15.5mph (25kph) and generating a very impressive range of up to 60km!

After spending the day zipping around on your e-bike and getting lots of fresh air into the bargain, the Electric Life Force will collapse down neatly for compact storage or transportation. It can also be held securely folded-down thanks to its built-in and strong magnetic-locking mechanism. Aided by a small jockey wheel on the underside of the frame, the Force e-bike can be easily moved around when folded, so that even with a modest weight of just 20.2kg, you don’t really need to lift it at all if you’re a person that likes to keep things moving. 

Currently available in 3 colours; Matt Grey, Black & Green or Black & Red, we’re sure we have the right look for you.

  • Maximum range – 38 miles / 60km
  • Recharge time – 4 hours
  • Motor and Battery – Brushless rear hub motor with 250Wh integrated battery
  • Frame and fork – Stylish die-cast magnesium alloy frame with rear suspension and rigid fork
  • Gearing – 1×6 speed Shimano gearing with Revoshift shifters
  • Braking – Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors
  • Other – Stylish alloy mag wheels

Electric Life 350HC Electric Scooter

The Electric Life 350HC Electric Scooter has become a firm favourite with customers because of the built-in and powerful 350W motor that significantly improves its ability to climb hills. With its 7.5Ah battery that delivers a range up to 17.5 miles (28km), an integrated USB smartphone charging port and a beautiful, high-quality maple wood deck, it simply exudes style, quality and comfort. 

The stylish maple deck is influenced by skateboards but it has much more grip and durability thanls to its wipe-clean, anti-slip rubber cover that delivers added confidence when riding in wet or dry conditions. Now that we’ve mentioned riding when it’s wet, the Electric Life 350HC Electric Scooter has an industry-leading IP55 waterproof rating, meaning that, unlike other scooters, it can be ridden safely in the rain without voiding its warranty or damaging it. 

The Electric Life 350HC is also fitted with honeycomb tyres – so there are no inner tubes to inflate, meaning that it’s impossible to suffer a puncture. This honeycomb design also adds flexibility to the ride, delivering more comfort, a much-improved grip and quite a few style points into the bargain. 

At the front, this popular electric scooter incorporates an integrated LCD screen which shows the rider’s current speed, selected power mode (of which there are 3) and remaining battery level. There are also three, super-bright LED lights integrated into the display which maximises visibility. Electric Life has integrated some great features into this popular model including a USB charging point, which acts like a power bank for any smart device such as a mobile phone and they’ve upgraded the folding mechanism making it even easier to fold down. 

Safety features are also incorporated into the Electric Life 350HC Electric Scooter starting with its push-start throttle. This makes it much easier to avoid accidental acceleration as the 350 HC motor will only start once the scooter has reached at least 3kph. Then there are its powerful, mechanical disc brakes that deliver much-improved braking and will bring riders to a stop in any road condition. Another smart safety feature is when pressing the rear brake lever, the integrated rear light will flash brightly to achieve maximum visibility. 

  • Motor power – 350W
  • Maximum range – Up to 28km / 17.5 miles
  • Recharge time – 5-6 hours
  • Maximum speed – 25kmh / 15.5mph
  • Waterproof rating – IP55 (UK Weatherproof)
  • Wheels/tyres – 8.5″ honeycomb puncture proof
  • Max rider weight – 120kg
  • Weight – 14.6kg
  • Stylish maple wooden deck with rubber grip.