Problem obtaining a 6kg Propane Gas bottle? Davan are here to help.

There has been a significant problem obtaining a 6kg Propane Gas bottle or refill for our customers this year. Increased demand due to social distancing during the pandemic and more demand for leisure vehicles have only made the problem worse. Then there’s the well-documented maintenance issues coupled with staff shortages at key depots that have resulted in supply chain issues and although the leisure industry recognises the impact this is having, solutions are few and far between.

Davan are here to help our customers through this issue.

Davan are therefore looking at ways our customers can overcome this issue, even if it’s just in the short term. One obvious solution would be to help our customers take advantage of the plentiful supply of Butane gas. To that end, our Accessory Shop is offering adapters that make the switch easier. Both Propane and Butane do exactly the same jobs, the only real difference is that Propane is more suitable for exterior storage as it will still perform at freezing temperatures. However, if Butane is stored and used at above -2ºC there isn’t an issue.

Advantages of Butane gas over Propane

Gas adapter
Gas adapter

Whilst the lower operating temperature of Propane is a well-known benefit, Butane is also a great option as a BBQ gas and comes with a host of other benefits, including:

  • Butane ignites instantly and will reach maximum heat output almost immediately – an ideal benefit when firing up the BBQ.
  • Butane is also slightly cheaper than Propane.
  • It is more environmentally friendly than Propane as Butane burns cleaner and will only produce carbon dioxide when lit.
  • Butane will often produce approximately 12% more energy than Propane when the same volume of each is burned. Another great benefit for anyone that barbecues a few times a week.
  • Butane could not be simpler to use with barbecues. You simply attach the gas and let it run.
  • Butane cooks more efficiently in warmer weather. However, it should be noted that Butane gas won’t flow readily when the weather is cold.