Isabella Loke High Chair (Pair)


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Isabella Loke High –  the flexible luxury chair with a supportive flat back and included adjustable head cushion.

This item is a bundle for 2x Isabella Loke High Chairs. This will be delivered as 1 box.


Isabella Loke High Chair (Pair)

The Loke chair is the very best of our bestselling chairs – a flexible chair with a fully upholstered seat. Loke can be folded up to just 9 cm in depth and so takes up minimal space when stored or transported. Loke has an elegant, solid frame and is comfortable to sit in. It is made of a hard-wearing material and its back can be adjusted to 7 positions.

Materials: Aluminium frame. Polyweave (60% PVC coating/40% polyester).

Load: 120 kg

Colour: Dark Grey

Weight: 5.4 kg
Dimensions: 112 x 64 x 9 cm
Height of back: 79 cm


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