Milenco Optimate 10 – Multi smart Charger & Maintainer


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Ideal 12V care for auto / recreational vehicle size batteries.

A true ‘connect and forget’ automatic temperature controlled 6 step pulse charger-maintainer that optimises the performance of modern sealed 12V Leisure batteries and automotive batteries, as well as optimising the performance of your deep cycle leisure battery. This charger can also recover (desulphate) ‘dead’ (sulphated) batteries

Automatic reactive programming for superior battery care

Constantly analyses battery status and adjusts pulse charge accordingly

Optimised for long term maintenance on 12V leisure and automotive batteries

Can desulfate and charge a near dead battery automatically to restore and maintain battery performance.

Saves batteries with as little as 2V output

Controls battery temperature to avoid overheating.

No risk of overcharging

Totally safe for vehicle electronics

Fully sealed weatherproof case 6FT / 180cm A/C lead and 6FT / 180cm charge lead (extension leads available separately)

3 Year Warranty Included


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