Vango BR003 Free-standing Inner Bedroom


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If you want to add more sleeping space to your camping set up, but don’t want to attach anything to the ceiling loops on your awning , Vango’s freestanding inner tent is the perfect solution. This fully enclosed addition utilises Vango’s  Midnight fabric allowing for peace and privacy. It’s simple to assemble and can be used in many of Vango’s larger awnings as well as family sized tents.

  •  measures 180 cm x 210 cm x 140 cm, so there’s plenty of space for two people to sleep, or for you to store equipment.
  • Packs down to just 65 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm and goes into it’s own carry bag.
  • Weighs just 2.8 kg, meaning it’s easy to transport and store, as well as to move around inside your awning or tent once you’ve got it set up.

Compatible with some Vango awnings including :
•  Airhub Hexaway II Low
•  Airhub Hexaway II Tall
• Faros II Air Low
• Faros II Low and more

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Weight 2.85 kg


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