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Kalari II 380 - 2018


  • Vango AirAwning® Structure – Pole free pitching and easy erection on the caravan site (double action pump included) with Inflatable AirBeam® technology
  • Touring awnings are suitable for pitching at any time of the year.
  • Sentinel Luxe 600 Fabric – Highly waterproof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The super strong 600 denier double ripstop threads make it one of the strongest awning fabrics.
  • Grey Violet colour – Creates a brighter environment inside the awning
  • Bracer beams included – Designed to fit in between the awnings main AirBeams® to enhance stability.
  • Foam Draught Pad included – Fitted against the caravan, the pad’s reduce draughts and create neat fit. Foam pad mounts on to a size-tolerant gusset to allow for fit no matter the mix of caravan heights and differing ground angles
  • Looped Kador Strips – Loops at either end of Kador strip to help when threading the awning through your rail. Loops can be hooked to suction pads (supplied) to minimise movement

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Vango Kalari II 380

Kalari II 380 - 2018

£1,100.00 £715.00

Condition: New


Year: 2018
Vango’s Kalari II is the market leading caravan awning, iconic, luxurious and innovative can describe this awning.

2018 features new smooth curve beams and vista front windows. The Vango Sentinel Luxe 600 fabric provides sensational quality. Kalari II has adopted the new Grey Violet colour to brighten the interior and has flexi doors which multiple options.

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