Vango spare attachment straps 8m


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Straps for DriveAway Awnings

Simply secure your awning to your vehicle with 8m Fitting Straps. If your vehicle has no rail or gutter, these straps can be clipped to your awning, placed over the top of the vehicle and pegged out into the ground.

Suitable for the following:

  • Faros II Air Low
  • Tailgate AirHub Low
  • Cove II Air Low
  • Tolga Air VW
  • Agora Air VW
  • Magra Air VW
  • Kela III > V Air Low
  • Kela III >V Air Std
  • Kela III > V Air Tall
  • Airhub Hexaway II Low
  • Airhub Hexaway II Tall
  • Galli III Air Low
  • Galli III Air RSV Low
  • Galli III Air Tall
  • Kela Air TC Low
  • Galli Air TC Low
  • Jura Air Tall
  • Siesta Air Low
  • Bondi Low
  • Altona Air Low
  • Cairns Low
  • Kilda Air Low
  • Byron Low



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