Cadac barbecues – now all with 15% OFF

Davan15 offer means Cadac barbecues now have 15% OFF (up to 14/4/22)

Davan are currently offering Cadac barbecues at 15% off the entire range within their famous Davan15 offer. The Davan15 is a limited period offer and Cadac barbecues are now available at 15% off, up to and including 14th April 2022. This makes a fantastic Easter gift for those wanting to explore the great outdoors and enjoy great outdoor cooking at the same time.

Safari Chef 2

Portable Cadac barbecues that are ideal for camping

When you think of camping, you instantly think of a barbecue. The sad fact is that charcoal grills can present a fire risk and are very often prohibited on campsites. Cadac gas barbecues therefore make a perfect solution for caravanners and campers wherever they travel.

Portable Cadac barbecues are also perfect if you have limited garden space or minimal storage space. Cadac originally created their barbecues to be used in the South African outback, making these modular systems smaller and perfectly portable whilst still providing the same great cooking capability as full-size patio models. 

Davan stock a great range of Cadac barbecues that’s ideal for families and couples. The Cadac Safari Chef 2 and Carri Chef 50 Combo are two of Cadac’s most popular portable barbecues. They are really easy to assemble and the adaptable lid means you can grill or fry with the lid off or bake with the lid on.

The Cadac Safari Chef 2 is a lightweight, compact and portable gas BBQ that is simply perfect for outdoor cooking. It is also perfect for events, cooking on a balcony or in the park. It comes with 4 interchangeable cooking surfaces – a non-stick coated BBQ top (28cm), non-stick coated flat griddle (26cm), the solid pot stand and the pot which doubles up as a dome (27cm). It also incorporates automatic piezo ignition and packs away neatly due to the folding legs into a durable storage bag which is included.

The Carri Chef 50 Combo is a luxury all-in-one gas barbecue featuring a large, 46cm cooking surface. Incorporating a powerful stainless-steel burner together with an automatic piezo ignition, Cadac have ensured that any barbecue chef will get to their desired temperature quickly. An oiption with this model is being able to cook with the lid/dome closed, creating an oven, ideal for baking or stewing. The barbecue grid incorporates Cadac’s GreenGrill coating; a completely PFOA-free ceramic coating, which guarantees much healthier, cleaner cooking.  Also, with the integrated heat spreader underneath the grid, heat is really well distributed over the full cooking surface. This luxurious barbecue is also really easy to assemble, clean and store-away in the carry bags provided, making it a perfect option for both the home or outdoor holiday

Cadac Safari Chef 2

Cadac barbecues utilise a modular system 

Most Cadac grills utilise a modular design system which means you have greatly increased barbecuing options. The Cadac modular design means that even the smaller, portable barbecues can cook a far wider range of food than most ordinary gas barbecues may offer. 

Cadac’s stacking modular system allows more adventurous barbecue chefs to use additional accessories such as Paella pans or even pizza stones, so they can barbecue food you really want to eat. You can also choose from a range of cooking styles: barbecued meats, grilled vegetables, smoked fish, stir-fries, teppanyaki, paellas, baking and even pizzas. It really will bring out the gourmet in you as it caters for a wide range of foods and barbecue methods. You can even cook two or three different dishes at the same time!

The Cadac modular accessories fit each BBQ, making every outdoor barbecue an exciting adventure. Cadac make this all possible from the comfort of your own back garden or when you’re off on your camping or caravanning adventures. 


Cadac barbecue accessories 

The very ‘modular’ nature of Cadac barbecues means that you have various, additional grill plates and accessories available, that can further enhance your barbecuing experience. Accessories such as the skottle top or the BBQ top are replacement Cadac grill plate models that will further extend the life of your Cadac barbecue. 

Cadac also provide covers, food warmers and pizza stones which will allow you to enhance your barbecue food or maybe cook more dishes than normal. Cadac smoker boxes help you deliver the full flavour of a charcoal barbecue by using wood chips that give your barbecued food that traditional flavour. Cadac also provide chimney starters, so you can light your Cadac gas barbecue without using excessive amounts of lighter fluid or firelighters. 

Cadac range of touring accessories
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