Lotus Grill barbecues – all now with 15% OFF

This month’s Davan15 offer means Lotus Grill barbecues now have 15% OFF (up to 14/4/22)

Davan’s monthly Davan15 discount offer of 15% off selected products now applies to Lotus Grill barbecues. This means that customers now have the opportunity (for a limited time only – until 14/4/22) to obtain 15% off the price on any Lotus Grill barbecue while stocks last. What a fantastic offer from Davan, just in time for Easter, for customers wanting to get outside in Spring and enjoy great outdoor cooking at the same time.

Portable and easy-to-use, the Lotus Grill charcoal barbecue is quite unlike any standard barbecue as it doesn’t have legs or a lid. It also only weighs 3.7kg which makes it easy to transport and stow away. It also comes with a convenient carry bag, which is great if you’re on the move, going on a picnic or taking a trip to the beach. Lotus Grill barbecues use fan-assisted heat and they only take a few minutes to reach their optimum cooking temperature. Standard charcoal barbecues, on the other hand, can take up to 40 minutes.

Mini Lotus Grill Bundle 4
Mini Lotus Grill

Grab a Lotus Grill barbecue bargain today for fuss-free outdoor cooking

The Lotus Grill barbecue has an ingenious fan system, which is powered by AA batteries and makes it ideal for fuss-free, smoke-free cooking absolutely anywhere. It is so light and portable, you can even place it on a table, making it ideal for smaller gardens, patio courtyards, or even if you’re lounging on your balcony. There is absolutely no need for any gas or electricity and the adjustable fan provides effortless control of cooking temperature.

The Lotus Grill is easily moved around while it is being used and grease from your food is unable to drip and burn on the charcoal. This brilliantly eliminate those nasty food burning incidents which often happen during cooking on standard charcoal BBQs. You can simply cook the exact same food you would cook on a standard BBQ. It still uses charcoal, which gives your barbecued meat and seafood, that authentic barbecued flavour in absolutely no time!

Ready to cook in seconds

With Lotus Grill barbecues, there is no tricky assembly. Simply take the barbecue out of the box and you’re away. Even if you’re unsure how to first use it, It includes clear, simple instructions with instructional pictures that make it an absolute doddle. Another nice feature is that the grill exterior stays relatively cool, therefore making it nice and safe when children are around. You could even use it to introduce older kids to barbecuing. They’d love it. If that wasn’t enough, both the grill and inner bowl are dishwasher safe, meaning you’ll have a barbecue that’s really easy to clean.

Available in a range of great colours it has been specifically designed for simplicity and ease of use. You can feel the quality as it’s so sturdy and durable. It comes with a 1kg bag of charcoal and a convenient bottle of lighting gel. Lotus Grill accessories can also be purchased at extra cost.

  • German design and patent
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Ready to use in approximately 3 minutes
  • Safe, smoke-free, healthy cooking
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Carry bag included