Camptech Seasonal Tall Annex with blinds for DL models only



For DL Models Only (Atlantis, Savanna & Buckingham) fitted with a rear door, this annex provides you with that extra space to store your outdoor coats, shoes & bicycles etc. while keeping your awning clean just like a home from home, and alternatively your annex can be used as an extra sleeping area when using a Camptech Inner Tent (optional extra).



The Camptech Seasonal Tall Annex with Outside Blinds

The Camptech Seasonal Tall Annex with Outside Blinds is designed with your convenience in mind. It’s the perfect solution for storing your outdoor essentials, whether it’s coats, shoes, bicycles, or other gear. With its rear door, accessing your belongings is simple. Keep your awning clean and clutter-free while enjoying the comforts of home away from home. The annexe can also serve as an extra sleeping area when combined with the optional Camptech Inner Tent, expanding your sleeping capacity and accommodating guests.

Crafted from Camptech’s premium Climatech SR18 all-season coated polyester material, the Seasonal Tall Annex is compatible with their seasonal pitched awnings, providing exceptional durability and protection. The annexe has newly fitted outside blinds, offering enhanced privacy and control over natural light. These blinds create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere inside, while also adding style.


  • Width: 180 cm
  • Depth: 200 cm

Fits the following Camptech Awnings Only:

  • Camptech Atlantis DL Awning
  • Camptech Savanna DL Awning
  • Camptech Eleganza DL Awning
  • Camptech Buckingham DL Awning


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