Dorema/Starcamp Dakota Lux



The Dorema/Starcamp Dakota Lux -caravan awning is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures. This high-quality awning provides ample space and protection for your caravan, allowing you to enjoy your camping trips to the fullest. With its sturdy construction and luxurious features, the Dakota Lux awning offers superior durability and comfort. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that you can relax and unwind in any environment. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-term camping expedition, the Dorema/Starcamp Dakota Lux awning is the ultimate choice for caravan enthusiasts.


Dorema/Starcamp Dakota Lux

Dorema has created the Starcamp Dakota Lux full caravan awning which is packed full of cleverly designed features which have today’s modern camper in mind. This fantastic value for money awning has been produced using the very latest Ten Cate European All Seasons polyester, a heavy duty material which provides excellent longevity and durability.

All of the panels can be completely zipped out which is particularly helpful during set up, making it much easier to thread the awning to the caravan awning rail. Conveniently, each of the side panels feature a door for easy access in and out of the awning and the front panels can also be rolled down to create a veranda effect at the front.

The Dakota Lux features a ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel which can be closed with a zip panel and there is also a fly screen on the right hand side panel, ensuring a comfortable temperature can be maintained inside the awning, even in the hotter summer months.

If you require additional space for storage of your camping equipment or just somewhere for your guests to sleep, then a tall annex can be purchased which can be attached to either or both sides of the Dakota Lux awning providing more useable space inside your awning.

Great for both Seasonal and Touring use


  • Depth : 240cm
  • Roof material : Coated polyester
  • Wall material : Ten Cate All Seasons Heavy Quality Coated Polyester
  • Frame : 25mm steel Easygrip frame, 2 extra roof support poles and 2 extra front legs in sizes 15 -19
  • Supplied As Standard With Easy Grip Frame
  • Fitted with external window blinds
  • Covered zips in matching material for extra protection
  • A part of the side wall remains attached to the caravan when you take out the side panel
  • Fitted with QuickLock profile
  • Fitted with SafeLock system

Additional information


10 (875-900cm), 11 (900-925cm), 12 (925-950cm), 13 (950-975cm), 14 (975-1000cm), 15 (1000-1025cm), 16 (1025-1050cm), 17 (1050-1075cm), 18 (1075-1100cm), 19 (1100-1125cm)


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