Isabella Annex partition wall 250


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  • Creates separate sleeping area or storage space in Isabella Annex 250
  • Attaches to opening between awning and annex for two rooms
  • Breathable cotton material for ventilation and comfort
  • Dark grey material blocks light for better sleep
  • Perfect fit designed specifically for Annex 250
  • Easy to install with existing connection points
  • Folds or stores compactly for minimal storage space


Create a Private Space in Your Annex with the Isabella Annex Partition Wall 250
Want to create a separate sleeping area or storage space in your Isabella Annex 250? The Isabella Annex Partition Wall 250 is the perfect solution! This handy accessory adds privacy and functionality to your camping trips.

  • Divides your annex: This partition wall attaches to the opening between your awning and Annex 250, creating two rooms.
  • Privacy for all: It lets you create a secluded sleeping area for kids or guests, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone.
  • Organized storage: You can also use this partition to section off a storage area, keeping your gear tidy.
  • Breathable comfort: Made from cotton, the partition wall allows for proper ventilation to minimize condensation and ensure a comfortable space.
  • Blocks light: The dark grey material blocks out light, creating a darker and sleep-friendly area.
  • Perfect fit: Designed specifically for the Annex 250, this partition wall ensures a secure fit.
  • Easy to install: The Isabella Annex Partition Wall 250 is easy to install, attaching to existing connection points in your annex.
  • Compact storage: When not in use, the partition wall folds or stores compactly, taking up minimal space.

Enhance your awning setup with the Isabella Annex Partition Wall 250. Create a more versatile and private space for your next camping adventure!


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