Isabella Buddy Motorhome Awning



This versatile and stylish awning is a must-have for every caravan enthusiast. The Isabella Buddy is designed for easy setup and durability. It offers additional space, protection, and flexibility. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, it’s the perfect solution for expanding your outdoor living area.


Isabella Buddy Motorhome Awning

Isabella Buddy Motorhome Awning is a durable and stylish awning designed for motorhomes. It’s easy to set up and gives you extra living space outside the vehicle.

If you need to create some shelter or extra warmth on a chilly sort of day, Buddy is an easy and flexible solution. Two sides and a front create an enclosed living space under the awning of your motorhome. Strong magnets hold the awning roof and side panels together, while the front simply zips on.

Isabella Buddy awning has a depth of 2.5 m and the front comes in four different sizes. Furthermore, choosing the Isabella Buddy awning to accompany you on your travels, gives you the same comfort and functionality that are the trademark features of the Isabella brand.

Isabella Buddy awning is made from Isacryl, a robust, fibre-dyed acrylic material. Isacryl ensures that the colours stay beautiful and that you can create the best possible indoor climate. The large windows in the front and side panels give you an unobstructed view to enjoy your surroundings.

Buddy offers plenty of options for ventilation. For example, you can lower the windows and create a veranda using the supplied veranda pole. In addition, Buddy has integrated top ventilation and mosquito nets in the side panels, as well as foam padding at the vehicle end to ensure a tight fit.

NB: Buddy can also be fitted to your caravan, provided it has an roll out canopy mounted.


  • Depth of side pieces: 250 cm – suitable for canopies with extensions of approx. 250 cm. (+/-)
  • The fronts are available in four widths: 270, 320, 370, 420 cm.
  • Can be used on canopies from 3 metres upwards.
  • Suitable for vehicles: with rail height of 240 cm to 275 cm.

Optional extras
You can purchase veranda poles and Cube Creme curtains for both the side and fronts

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270cm, 320cm, 370cm, 420cm, Side panel set


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