Dometic Residence AIR All-Season



***Please note that product will be available February/March 2024. However you can pre order it now!***

Experience the future of caravan awnings with the Dometic Residence AIR All-Season. Innovative Air Frame technology, a range of size options, integrated canopy, zipped window blinds, and removable panels combine to create a versatile, durable, and comfortable outdoor living space. Conquer all seasons and elevate your caravan adventures today


Dometic Residence AIR All-Season

***Please note that product will be available February/March 2024. However you can pre order it now!***

Discover the Dometic Residence AIR All-Season: The Epitome of Comfort and Innovation in Caravan Awnings

At Davan Caravans, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Dometic Residence AIR All-Season, a ground-breaking inflatable full static awning that seamlessly merges traditional full awning interior space with cutting-edge Air Frame technology. Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or a newcomer to the world of mobile adventures, this awning represents the pinnacle of convenience, comfort, and durability.

Innovative Air Frame Technology: The Dometic Residence AIR All-Season revolutionizes the way you set up your caravan awning. Thanks to its innovative Air Frame technology, you can say goodbye to the hassle of traditional pole assembly. In just minutes, you can have your awning inflated and ready to enjoy, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and less time setting up.

Available in A Measurement Sizes 11 to 19: Choose the perfect fit for your caravan, as the Dometic Residence awning comes in A measurement sizes 11 to 19, equivalent to 950 cm – 1100 cm. This range ensures that there’s a size to accommodate various caravan models, making it easier than ever to find the ideal fit for your needs.

Integrated Inflatable Canopy: The Dometic Residence AIR All-Season features an integrated inflatable canopy, providing additional shelter and protection against the elements. This feature is perfect for creating a cozy outdoor space where you can enjoy the fresh air while staying protected from rain or harsh sunlight.

Zipped External Window Blinds: Experience privacy and control over natural light with the zipped external window blinds. These blinds allow you to adjust the interior ambiance and maintain privacy as needed, ensuring a comfortable and adaptable living space.

Removable Front and Side Panels: Adaptability is key when it comes to caravan awnings, and the Dometic Residence AIR All-Season delivers. The removable front and side panels provide you with options for configuring your awning to suit your preferences and the weather conditions, ensuring you have a versatile and comfortable living space.

Built to Last, Whatever the Weather: Crafted from breathable, high-quality polycotton materials, this awning is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Its exceptional resistance to inclement weather makes it an excellent choice for extended stays at your favourite sites throughout the year, so you can enjoy the great outdoors in all seasons.

The Dometic Residence AIR All-Season inflatable full static awning is a testament to quality, innovation, and comfort. It’s the ideal companion for your caravan adventures, offering convenience and style in one sleek package. At Davan Caravans, we’re proud to bring you the very best in caravan accessories, and the Dometic Residence awning is no exception. Elevate your caravan experience today with this exceptional awning.

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Size 11 (900cm – 925cm), Size 12 (925cm – 950cm), Size 13 (950cm – 975cm), Size 14 (975cm – 1000cm), Size 15 (1000cm – 1025cm), Size 16 (1025cm – 1050cm), Size 17 (1050cm – 1075cm), Size 18 (1075cm – 1100cm), Size 19 (1100cm – 1125cm)


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