Quest Leisure Westfield Vega 330 High (270-285) Inflatable Air Motorhome Awning

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  • Fits vehicles 270cm – 285cm high
  • Spacious: 250cm depth x 330cm width
  • Easy setup with single inflation point
  • All-weather HydroTech Cotton Touch material: waterproof, UV protection, luxurious feel


Quest Leisure Westfield Vega 330 High (270-285) Inflatable Air Motorhome Awning

The Quest Leisure Westfield Vega 330 High is a top-of-the-line inflatable porch awning designed for motorhomes and taller vehicles. Packed with features, it creates a luxurious and convenient outdoor living space.

  • Spacious Comfort: Measuring 250cm deep and 330cm wide, the Vega High offers ample space to relax, dine, or store gear.
  • Quick Setup: Inflating from a single point with the Advanced Air System, the awning is easy to set up.
  • All-Weather Protection: Made with premium HydroTech Cotton Touch fabric, the awning is waterproof and shields you from UV rays. The material also feels luxurious.
  • Adaptable Design: Double beading ensures compatibility with various awning channels, and removable front and side panels offer customization.
  • Expandable Space: The optional air annex creates extra space for storage or sleeping guests. Clever double zips on the side panels allow them to stay attached even with the annex.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed for motorhomes and vehicles between 270cm and 285cm high, the Vega High ensures a perfect fit.

In short, the Quest Leisure Westfield Vega 330 High Inflatable Motorhome Awning is a premium choice for those seeking a comfortable, easy-to-use, and adaptable porch awning for their motorhome adventures.


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