Walker Awning for Knaus Sport & Fun

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Walker has developed the Pioneer All Season 240 Sport & Fun awning, especially for the Knaus Sport & Fun caravans

  • Depth: 240 cm
  • Only with 28 mm aluminium frame with Easy-PowerGrips.Includes draught strip, wheel flap and curtains
  • Free luxury herring bag
  • Weight approx. 29 kg
  • Also available for the Knaus Sport & Fun Black Selection


Knaus Sport & Fun

The Knaus Sport & Fun is an exceptional awning that brings together style, functionality, and versatility. Designed for adventure enthusiasts, this awning is tailor-made to complement the Knaus Sports & Fun model, enhancing your outdoor experience.
The awning is a standout feature of the Knaus Sport & Fun, as it serves a dual purpose. It not only provides shade and shelter but also acts as an extension to your living space. With all walls being zippable, you can customize the setup according to your preference, whether you want an open canopy feel or a fully enclosed awning.
The front walls are interchangeable, offering flexibility and convenience. With the Easy-Door feature, accessing the caravan from different sides becomes effortless. This makes it easier for you to navigate in and out of your caravan, saving you time and ensuring convenience throughout your camping adventure.
Setting up the Knaus Sport & Fun awning is quick and easy, thanks to the Easy-Setup cubes. These cubes make assembly a breeze, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time struggling with complicated setup processes.
For optimal durability and protection, the roof of the awning is made from Ten Cate All Season fabric, known for its heavy quality and weighing 240 g/m2. This exceptional material offers excellent resistance against harsh weather conditions, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable inside the awning.
The walls of the awning are constructed from Ten Cate design tent fabric, which is one-sided coated, providing a sturdy and washable surface. This high-quality fabric weighs 240 g/m2, ensuring longevity and reliable performance throughout your adventures.
With the Knaus Sport & Fun, you can add an extra layer of comfort and functionality to your camping experience. Embrace the freedom to explore and create unforgettable memories with this exceptional caravan and its versatile awning.
  • Tailor-made for the Knaus Sports & Fun
  • Awning and awning in one: all walls zippable
  • Front walls interchangeable: Easy-Door!
  • Quick and easy to set up with Easy-Setup cubes
  • Roof: Ten Cate All Season; heavy quality: 240 g/m2
  • Walls: Ten Cate design tent fabric; one-sided coated; heavy quality: 240 g/m2; washable


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