Walker Awning Scandic 300 2024 Model



This awning is perfect for both residential caravanning and short breaks due to its modern design and 300 cm depth. The awning features fresh colours in anthracite/champagne and middle-grey, an innovative design, and heavy-duty Ten Cate All Season walls and roof with print design, making it a stylish and long-lasting choice. Additionally, all panels of the Scandic 300 are removable, which makes assembly easy and allows the roof to be used alone as a sun canopy. Overall, the Scandic 300 sets the face for lasting style and is a great option for any outdoor adventure.


The Walker Scandic 300

The Walker Scandic 300 is a modern and stylish awning that is perfect for both residential caravanning and short trips. It features a depth of 300 cm and comes in fresh colours of anthracite/champagne and middle-grey. Moreover, the walls and roof of the awning are made of heavy-duty Ten Cate All Season material with a print design, resulting in durability and comfort. The awning’s removable panels make it easy to assemble, and the roof can be used as a sun canopy. In addition, the innovative design and lasting style of the Scandic 300 make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking quality and comfort. So, if you want to combine design, quality, and comfort, the Scandic 300 is a must-have awning for you.


  • Depth: 300 cm
  • Roof: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester with print design: 260 g/m2
  • Walls: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester: 260 g/m2
  • Frame: steel 25 mm MAX, 3 roof support poles 28 mm steel; optional with Easy-PowerGrips at extra costs
    – From size 885 cm, 2 extra roof support poles
    – From size 975 cm, 2 extra front legs
  • Optional: at extra costs fiberglass MAX frame
  • Ventilation: in the ridge to the front and in 1 sidewall
  • Panels: all panels can be rolled down or zipped out; side panels are interchangeable
  • Weight: size 900 cm approx. 46 kg
  • Easy-Setup lock pads: included!
  • Draught cloth + wheel arch cover: included!
  • Fits aerodynamic shaped caravans
  • Guarantee: 24 months


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