Isabella Air Cirrus North 300


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The new IsaAir product hitting the market for 2021 comes with a range of features such as inflatable rear pad poles, single-point inflation, and an innovative pump design. You can guarantee the Isabella team have designed this product above and beyond basic specification to suit all carvanning needs.



Isabella Air Cirrus North 300


DIMENSIONS 300 x 275cm | WEIGHT 35.5 KG | CANVAS 295 g/m2 ISACRYL | ROOF 240 g/m2 POLYESTER

The Isabella Air Cirrus North 300 is the heavy-weight tourer you’ve been waiting for. Featuring Isacryl 295 g/m2 breathable acrylic canvas (as seen on other Isabella Products) and a 240 g/m2 Polyester roof with a coating finished in 2 layers this awning is designed to last. Weighing in at 35.5kg with all panels zipped in, this awning is no different to a full size canvas in the same material. However, just like a full-size Isabella, you can unzip both front panels and side panels to reduce this weight and make it easier to pack.

The team at Isabella have been hard at work creating an all-new awning with a unique design and some incredible features not seen before. The Cirrus North is 300cm wide and 275cm deep giving you a large enough awning to fit the whole family. Need more space? Add an Extension for that extra dining room or lounge space. You can keep the side panel in, allowing you to use it as a porch, canopy, sunroom and more!

To Inflate the awning you aren’t just supplied with any handpump; the IsaAir Hand pump features two barrels for rapid manual inflation or making light-weight work of erecting the Cirrus. Simply flick a catch to choose between a conventional pump or a high-volume pump – giving you over double the air flow per action. Furthermore, this innovative hand-pump allows you to switch between single or dual action making sure you can get a precise pressure without hurting your back.

If the pump looks like it won’t make things easy enough, this new IsaAir features single-point inflation with locking valves to ensure you can isolate all air tubes to diagnose any issues. Should things go wrong the Cirrus North is backed by a 2+1 Year Guarantee. From the date of purchase the awning carries a 2 year warranty with the option to register your product online for an extra year!

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