Isabella Hercules Triple Pole Tensioner


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Fits: 22–28mm

Suitable for Isabella Carbon X, Zinox or Megaframe Steel. Will suit other awnings.

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Isabella Hercules Triple Pole Tensioner

Isabella Hercules Triple Pole Tensioner has been fitted with a new and improved jaw material that grips the poles even more securely than the previous model. In addition, it has a built-in pre-tensioning system, which ensures that Hercules Triple has a firm grip on the tent pole right away. Finally, the swing arm can now be moved to the right and the left without removing Hercules Triple from the awning pole.

Hercules Triple is suitable for CarbonX, Zinox and Mega frames, and is very simple to use. It fits poles from 22–28 mm. The third generation of Hercules has improved jaw material for an extra good grip on the pole.

The handle and swing arm are cast in aluminium, so Hercules Triple weighs just 250 g.


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