Isabella Pop-Up Tower (UK)


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A simple solution to a simple problem – bring your power sockets right to where you need them. Use the cupboard surface for appliances (always be wary of heat output), use the side pockets to store phones or tablets while they charge.



Isabella Pop-Up Tower (UK) – Suitable for the Isabella Cupboard

Introducing the Isabella Pop-Up Tower (UK) – The Perfect Companion for Your Isabella Cupboard!

Upgrade your camping experience with the Isabella Pop-Up Tower, specially designed to seamlessly integrate with the Isabella “Double” and “Single” 2018-model cupboards. This innovative accessory enhances your outdoor living space by providing convenient power access right where you need it.

Designed with practicality and modernity in mind, the Isabella Pop-Up Tower features a precision-cut hole, perfectly tailored for mounting onto your Isabella cupboard, ensuring a stable and secure fit. This user-friendly setup process allows you to effortlessly incorporate this tower into your camping setup, giving you the power you need with minimal hassle.

Key Features:

  • Dual Voltage and USB Ports: The Isabella Pop-Up Tower is equipped with 2 x 230V outlets and 2 x USB ports, each delivering 2.1A of power. This versatile combination allows you to charge your electronic devices, power appliances, and illuminate your campsite with ease. Whether it’s charging your smartphone, running a coffee maker, or powering outdoor lighting, this tower has got you covered.
  • Generous Flexibility: The included 1.8-meter flex ensures that you have the freedom to position the Pop-Up Tower exactly where it’s most convenient for you. No more stretching extension cords across the campsite or searching for power sources far away. With the Isabella Pop-Up Tower, you can create a clutter-free and organized camping environment.
    Constructed with quality and durability in mind, this pop-up tower is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, ensuring it will be a reliable companion for your camping trips for years to come.

Upgrade your camping experience and enjoy the convenience of modern technology while immersed in the beauty of the outdoors. With the Isabella Pop-Up Tower, you can effortlessly power your devices and appliances, enhancing your camping lifestyle. Say goodbye to inconvenient power solutions and welcome the future of camping convenience with the Isabella Pop-Up Tower (UK).


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