Dometic Standard Organiser


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The Pro Standard Organiser with its multiple pockets will be ideal for keeping items stored safely in your awning.


  • 2 Heavy duty polyester pockets
  • 5 Mesh organiser pockets
  • 2 Pen holders
  • Webbing holder track
  • Integral kitchen roll holder
  • Can also be used with Accessory Track Suspension Kit
  • Limpet ready
  • Size 76 x 47.5 cm
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Dometic Standard Organiser

Introducing the Dometic Standard Organiser, your ultimate companion for keeping your awning tidy and organized. This versatile organizer boasts a range of features designed to provide the perfect storage solution for all your camping and outdoor essentials. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip or an extended adventure, this organizer will help you keep your gear in order.

Key Features:

Heavy Duty Polyester Pockets: The Dometic Standard Organiser features two robust, heavy-duty polyester pockets. These pockets are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and are perfect for storing heavier items such as tools, utensils, or small camping gear.
Mesh Organizer Pockets: In addition to the polyester pockets, this organizer is equipped with five mesh organizer pockets. These see-through pockets are ideal for keeping smaller items like cutlery, spices, or personal hygiene products within easy reach. You can quickly locate what you need without rummaging through your belongings.
Pen Holders: Stay organized in style with two dedicated pen holders. Keep your pens or markers ready for note-taking, sketching, or jotting down important information while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.
Webbing Holder Track: The integrated webbing holder track offers even more versatility. Use it to secure items like utensils or lightweight kitchen equipment, ensuring they stay in place and easily accessible.
Integral Kitchen Roll Holder: The Dometic Standard Organiser goes a step further with an integrated kitchen roll holder. This feature ensures you always have paper towels or kitchen rolls at your fingertips for quick clean-ups or meal preparation.
Accessory Track Suspension Kit Compatibility: If you have the Accessory Track Suspension Kit, this organizer is ready to be used with it. Easily attach it to your awning’s accessory track, making it a seamless addition to your outdoor living space.
Limpet Ready: For campers who use Dometic’s innovative Limpet system, the Dometic Standard Organiser is Limpet ready. It can be securely attached to your caravan’s awning, providing additional storage options without the need for drilling holes or using traditional fasteners.
Generous Size: With dimensions measuring 76 x 47.5 cm, this organizer offers ample space for all your camping essentials. Its well-thought-out layout ensures you can utilize every inch of it effectively.

In summary, the Dometic Standard Organiser is the perfect solution for campers who want to keep their awning and outdoor space tidy and organized. Whether you need to store camping gear, kitchen essentials, or miscellaneous items, its multiple pockets and convenient features have you covered. With its durable construction and compatibility with various accessories, this organizer enhances your camping experience and helps you make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

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