Milenco Compact C Wheelclamp


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Lightweight caravan wheelclamp with a Sold Secure Gold rating.


Milenco Compact C Wheelclamp

Lightweight caravan wheelclamp with a Sold Secure Gold rating. Fits all ALKO and BPW chassis and alloy and steel wheels.

The lock fits simply fits on by hooking through the chassis and then passing through the wheel to be locked by a ultra high security lock, this prevents movement of the wheel.

Fits caravans with motor movers.

Complete with storage bag and alloy wheel adaptor.

This is the lightest Wheelclamp to be accredited to the international standard Sold Secure Gold, SCM – MP03, KIWA and SKG – IKOB.

Exceptionally good value and offers by far the highest security at its price.

Unrivalled attack resistance.

Fits in under 20 seconds.

Fits all Alko and BPW chassis (all UK sold caravans over the past 20 years) Alloy and Steel wheels.

Simply hooks through the caravan chassis and then passes through the wheel and is locked by an ultra high-security lock. Prevents movement of the Caravan and rotation of the wheel.

This is the most simplest and yet robust way of securing your caravan. Offers very high security and does not invalidate the caravan chassis warranty.

Fits caravans with a motor mover. Complete with Storage bag and Alloy wheel adaptor.




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