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Lotus Grill Gel is a high-quality ethanol-based fluid designed to effortlessly start Lotus grills and other BBQs and grills. Its clean-burning formulation and controlled burn rate ensure safe and odorless ignitions, while its easy-to-use squeeze bottle allows for precise application. Enjoy hassle-free grilling with Lotus Grill Gel.

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Lotus Grill Gel

Ethanol based fluid specifically designed to help start lotus grills however can also be used for other BBQ’s and grills. Pour the gel around the bottom tray of the lotus grill. Once the fan is on light the gel before placing the charcoal container on top.

Lotus Grill Gel is a high-quality, ethanol-based fluid that is specially formulated to assist in effortlessly starting Lotus grills. However, its versatility extends beyond Lotus grills, making it compatible with other BBQs and grills as well.
The gel formulation of Lotus Grill Gel ensures easy and efficient ignition, allowing users to quickly and safely start their grills without any hassle. With its ethanol base, this gel provides a clean-burning and odorless ignition experience, ensuring that there won’t be any unpleasant smells or residues affecting the taste of your grilled food.
The Gel is designed to offer convenience and reliability. Its easy-to-use packaging includes a squeeze bottle that allows for precise application, preventing any wastage or spills. Simply apply a small amount of the gel onto the charcoal or briquettes, light it up, and watch as your grill quickly reaches the desired cooking temperature.
Not only does gel offer a reliable ignition solution, but it also enhances safety. The gel is formulated to have a controlled burn rate, reducing the risk of flare-ups or uncontrolled ignition. This feature ensures that igniting your grill becomes a hassle-free and safe process, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your outdoor cooking experience.
The gel’s compatibility with various grills makes it a versatile addition to any outdoor grilling setup. Whether you have a Lotus grill or another type of BBQ or grill, this gel can help you achieve quick and consistent ignition results, saving you time and effort.
In summary, Lotus Grill Gel offers an efficient, safe, and versatile solution for starting Lotus grills, as well as other BBQs and grills. Its ethanol-based formulation ensures clean burning, while the controlled burn rate enhances safety. With this gel, you can enjoy hassle-free ignitions and focus on creating delicious grilled meals every time.


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