Sereno Goblets 405ml


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These hard-wearing Sereno goblets are perfect for camping and outdoor use! The durable, clear plastic of these goblets means they won’t smash like glass and you can pack them away, travel and use them with confidence.

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Sereno Goblets 405ml

Introducing the Sereno Goblets with a generous capacity of 405ml, the perfect addition to your caravan accessories. Crafted with durability and style in mind, these goblets are designed to enhance your dining experience on the road. Whether you’re sipping wine by the campfire or enjoying a refreshing beverage during your leisurely travels, the Sereno Goblets are the ideal choice. With their ample capacity, you can savor your favorite drinks without constant refills. Elevate your caravanning adventures with these stylish and functional goblets.


  • glass holds 405ml
  • high quality polycarbonate
  • virtually unbreakable
  • safer than glass
  • stylish
  • crystal clear
  • freezer safe
  • dishwasher safe


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