Vision Plus Status 570 – Digital Antenna


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Vision Plus Status 570 – Digital Antenna System

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Vision Plus Status 570 – Digital Antenna

Vision Plus Status 570 – For more than 10 years the Status TV Antennas have led the way and the Status 570 is no different. It is the best-selling caravan aerial in the market for a number of reasons. At the heart of this new antenna system is the Vision Plus VP5 Digital TV Amplifier with unique integral Signal Finder. With its neat, slim-line design, the VP5 offers the latest in TV / Radio reception technology. It has a distinctive and compact design and offers Digital TV, DAB and FM Radio reception. It also has a dedicated TV transmitter locator built in which will also allow you to tune in your TV in seconds.

This Vision Plus Status 570 is based on an LTE Protect dipole array with improved performance and efficiencies. It is manufactured in corrosion resistant materials, with high quality ABS plastics designed for external use.

Tuning your caravan TV literally takes seconds to complete, thanks to the TV Signal Finder that is integrated into the Variable Signal Gain Amplifier. The LED light either shows red, yellow or green dependant on signal strength.


  • Unique integrated TV Signal Finder
  • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation Indicator
  • Low Profile Roof Assembly
  • Slim-line compact design
  • Digital TV, DAB and FM Radio reception
  • Dedicated TV Transmitter locator – Signal Finder
  • LED light power indicator with red, yellow and green colours to indicate signal strength
  • Variable Gain Control for strong and weak signal areas
  • 3 TV Connections and 1 dedicated Radio connection (VP5 Digital TV & Radio Amplifier)
  • The Status 570 comes with a 12V red and black power cable that has a 3.5mm jack plug on one end for fitting to the amplifier, and is unterminated at the other end for the customer to fit whatever 12V plug they require, but the system does not come with any mains adapters.( If you wish to purchase a suitable mains adapter, you would just need to look for a regulated mains supply with a 230V AC – 50Hz, 11W input and a 12V ~ 300mA output
  • Antenna IN connection
  • On / Off Power switch


  • Mast Length 330mm
  • Mast intrusion into locker 305-280mm
  • Antenna dome Installed – Length 412mm – Width 348mm – Height 108mm
  • Mounting Foot & Gaiter – Diameter 122mm – Height 35mm – Roof cavity range 25-50mm

Please note that the roof mounting assembly kit that is supplied with this product is not suitable for sloping roofs. You will need to purchase the Angle Adjustable Mounting Foot shown below.


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