Milenco Nose Weight Gauge


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Milenco Nose Weight Gauge – Nose weight gauge to accurately measure the weight of your van before towing.

Can measure up to 130 kg and has a clear scale for safe loading.

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Milenco Nose Weight Gauge

This is the only Noseweight Gauge approved and calibrated to the British standard for these instruments. It offers calibrated precision, accuracy, reliability and technical superiority over other Noseweight Gauges. It has a clear large scale to ensure the precise and safe loading for this safety critical area, to ensure caravan stability when towing.

The Camping and Caravan Club conducted a study on Noseweight Gauges and found them to be inaccurate and unreliable. They then approached Milenco and asked if we could produce a Noseweight Gauge to the standard BS7961, which was written in 2004. At this time no one had produced a conforming gauge to the standard.

We conducted studies on the available Noseweight Gauges and at best found them only accurate to within 12 kilos but more concerning is that we found these Noseweight Gauges often became ridiculously inaccurate with use.


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