Truma Ultraflow Waterline


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The Truma Ultraflow Waterline allows you to have a mains supply of water straight into your van, avoiding carrying water across the campsite.

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Truma Ultraflow Waterline

Tired of two-ing and fro-ing with your Aqua roll or Water hog- with the Truma Waterline you don’t have to! This 15 metre hose pipe enables you to link your Ultraflow Water System directly to a mains water supply, providing a constant water flow. Cuts out one of the most physical chores when away in your caravan or motor home – making life easier.

The 15 metre waterline comes with an inline pressure reducing valve to ensure that your water system does not become damaged by excessive pressure.Compatible with the Ultraflow filter and Ultraflow compact water systems, simply by being plugged into the Ultraflow housing and connecting the other end to the tap on the camp site or home.

Suitable for all vans with the Truma Ultraflow water system

Comes with fittings and a pressure reducing valve.


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