Vango Groundsheet Protector GP004 – Airhub Hexaway

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  • Size: 379 x 328cm
  • Protects awning floor: Made from durable PE material, this groundsheet shields your Vango AirHub Hexaway awning from stones, thorns, and sharp objects.
  • Extends awning life: Creates a barrier between the ground and your awning, preventing wear and tear for long-lasting use.
  • Easy clean up: Smooth PE surface allows for effortless cleaning of mud or dirt, making post-trip awning maintenance a breeze.
  • Prevents pitching mistakes: Visualize the awning footprint before pitching for easier positioning and to avoid accidental damage.
  • Compact & portable: Folds down to a small size and includes a carry bag for convenient transportation and storage.
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Vango Groundsheet Protector GP004 – Airhub Hexaway

Vango Groundsheet Protector GP004 – Airhub Hexaway (379 x 328cm)
Shield Your Awning and Simplify Camping with the Vango Groundsheet Protector GP004

Ensure your awning enjoys long-lasting protection and streamline your camping setup with the Vango Groundsheet Protector GP004 – Airhub Hexaway. This purpose-built accessory perfectly complements Vango AirHub Hexaway awnings, including the AirHub Hexaway II Low, Tall, and AirHub Hex models.

Unmatched Awning Protection

  • Durable Defense: Crafted from hard-wearing 100% PE, this groundsheet acts as a shield, safeguarding your awning’s floor from damage caused by stones, thorns, and other sharp objects. Furthermore, extending the life of your awning becomes effortless.
  • Effortless Cleaning: The smooth PE surface makes cleaning mud or dirt a breeze. Simply wipe down the groundsheet to pack up a clean awning at the end of your trip.

Enhanced Pitching Experience

  • Prevents Pitching Mishaps: Additionally, the groundsheet helps you visualize the footprint of your awning before pitching. This allows for easier positioning and reduces the risk of accidentally rolling over the awning material.
  • Two-Part Design for Convenience: For a truly comprehensive solution, the protector comes in two sections. One section fits the main awning living area, while the other is specifically sized for the tunnel section, ensuring complete coverage.

Compact and Portable Design

  • Folds Away Compactly: When not in use, the groundsheet folds down to a convenient size (L54 x H10 x W11cm) and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

With the Vango Groundsheet Protector GP04, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your awning is protected from the elements, while also streamlining your camping setup process.


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