Vango awnings FAQ

Vango is a well known and widely recognised brand of awning. With a range of styles for your caravan or motorhome.

Vango air awnings are multi-inflation meaning that all tubes are inflated individually.

  • Make sure your motorhome is on level ground
  • If you have a canopy fitted to your van (this is normally a Fiamma or Thule canopy) Make sure this is in the closed position
  • With a tape measure, measure from the top channel on the front of the canopy (If you have a Fiamma Awning) and if you have a Thule canopy measure from bottom of the canopy again with the canopy in the closed position. To the floor this will then give you the height of awning you require
  • If your measurement comes out at between 180cm – 240cm you would require a “Low” size if your measurement comes out between 240cm and 290cm then you would require a “Tall” size